How to find a sugar daddy?
7 steps to improve your chances by 500%

It is sometimes not easy to find a sugar daddy. This is considering that a sugar relationship can be more difficult when compared to the traditional relationship. Successfully finding a sugar daddy entails marketing yourself, persistence and some luck.

This how-to guide is created based on information gotten from dating experts and ex-sugar babies. Here we’ll be discussing some of the key issues you might face when you are looking for a sugar daddy. If you’re a beginner, please go through the guide carefully as the tips and tricks are going to improve your chances of getting a date by 500%.

STEP 1. Get ready for having a sugar daddy

Over 80 percent of young ladies are not getting ready to become a sugar baby. They just try to opt-in because of curiosity or financial issues without first knowing exactly what it means to be sugar dating. Thus, when they encounter problems, they are often lost on the best way to address such problems. You should not be quick to conclude bad luck is the reason for your inability to finding a sugar daddy. Proper planning produces much more result than just good luck.

1.know exactly what you want

“Why you want a sugar daddy?”

sugar daddy gift Your reasons could be because you want a career mentor, you don’t want to collect university loans, you want to be able to afford shopping sprees, free luxury vacations, not having to opt for a 9 to 5 job and/or are seeking financial freedom. Are you sure this lifestyle is what you really want? Are you willing to use your "Prized Possessions", your youth, your beauty, your time and energy to get them? If not, it might be best you don’t become a sugar baby. You should not try your luck with sugar dating. Being persistent, purposeful and determined is important. This is because of the challenges you will face such as:

  • Limited number of sugar daddies, including not so-attracting/charming sugar daddies
  • Scammers or salt daddies
  • Loneliness. It's not easy to find someone to share your misery and problems with
  • Misconceptions and those that will call you a lazy person or a prostitute
  • Fierce competition from the many sugar babies competing for not too many real sugar daddies.

Tip: Before becoming a sugar baby, make sure you are psychologically ready for it and be willing to go all the way till you get the right sugar daddy of your taste.

2.Understand what is a sugar Daddy

sugar daddy where Sugar dating is quite different from the traditional relationship. You will not be moving with energetic and handsome young men. There is a high possibility that you will date a man as old as your father. Despite this, you have to know what they want in a woman, their needs in the relationship, how to carry out proper communication with them. If you can’t do all of these, then there would be no reason for them to spend so much money just to date you.

Most sugar daddies have money and are middle-aged. They could be single, divorced or married. A lot of them work in the banking and financial industry while others have their businesses. Some are engineers, lawyers, and doctors. Thus, they are always very busy and probably travel a lot. As a result, they might not show you the care and attention you would find or desire in a normal relationship.

Based on the description from Juliet who was a sugar baby not too long ago, the preference of sugar daddies in terms of physical features include a toned body, a beautiful face and a blonde. A major feature they also consider is how young the girl is This is easily the reason why about 42.5 percent of sugar babies are college students. Those men usually did well in school and also doing well in their career. In most cases, they have an interest in finance and politics. They expend most of their time on work and business. Thus, they are not good flirters, neither do they have time to call and text frequently. However, they are lovely and gentle. If you want your sugar daddy to love you, you must be able to help him relieve stress and also be good at listening.

The 4 types of sugar daddy include "Salt Daddy" that you would hardly get any financial benefit from, "Splenda Daddy" who does not earn much, but will most likely try to give you as much as he can, "Sugar Daddy" who is the most common category of rich man you will meet, and "Honey Daddy", a high earner or a very rich businessman and can easily have many sugar babies. For more information about sugar daddy, click here >> What is A Sugar Daddy

Tip: When conversation with a POT sugar daddy, do not talk about your troubles and misfortunes. They are not interested in it. You should listen more and talk less.

3.Create boundaries

What type of arrangement are you interested in?

There are many arrangement types to choose from when you want to enter the sugar bowl. They include serious relationships that could result in marriage, sugar mommy relationship, gay sugar dating, platonic relationships, online-only arrangement, make friends, casual dating, and general arrangement. Once you have decided the arrangement you prefer, it is best not to change your initial intentions. In some cases, you might be offered more money for sex, if you are not interested in sex, do not give in easily. Have in mind that you are not prostituting.

How much should you charge your sugar daddy?

No matter how you want to avoid being tagged, there is no way you would avoid the topic of money. There is no need to be shy when bargaining with a sugar daddy. You should know the minimum you are hoping to get every month and be sure that the sugar daddy is able and willing to pay the amount before starting the relationship. If you don’t have an idea what to expect, then you could take a cue from the average salary of sugar babies that is about $3,000 per month. You might set an amount that is a bit higher or lower than this amount. Sugar babies with experience often negotiate allowance with sugar daddies based on their financial status. When it is a honey daddy, they request more and when they know the sugar daddy is not making too much money, they reduce the price.

Tip: You might be advised that charging too much is greediness and will make it difficult for you to find a sugar daddy. So, it is a good idea to do a background check on a POT SD.

What are your hard limits?

You should not opt for sugar dating if you are a virgin or do not want sex. In at least 75 percent of sugar dating arrangements, sexual activities occur. However, as a sugar baby, you have the right to choose which sugar daddy to date, whether to have sex with them, and when to stop the relationship. Sexual activities could be limited to or include oral sex and the use of condoms among others. Before sugar dating, set hard limits and inform your sugar daddy about it. When every expectations and rule have been discussed, each party will know what is expected of them.

4.Improve your looks and get some training

Let's face it, men are always visual animals. Being a sugar daddy doesn’t mean that these guys have stopped being typical men. So the first thing that will attract you to a sugar daddy is your look. In addition to impressing sugar daddy with your beautiful look, you should also show him how you are different from other sugar babies so that another pretty face can't replace you. Thus, you should regularly read books that would improve your wisdom and insight.

STEP 2: Choose the best way to find a sugar daddy

Now you might be wondering where you can find sugar daddies. Here are some of the effictive ways to find sugar daddies.

Traditional Methods

In this era of highly developed Internet, traditional methods might look outdated. However, they are still effective since some sugar daddies are skeptical about exposing their privacy online.

· how to find a sugar daddy       

  • Sugar Daddy Finders. Dating agencies are places where rich people often consider when they need sugar babies. You could look for dating agencies that offer sugar baby hook-ups and leave your contact with them. In some cases, they might require your profile and pictures. When a sugar daddy is interested in you, they would contact you.
  • Through Sugar Sisters. You can easily get to know a lot of your peers on some sugar baby forums, so why don’t you ask them for a recommendation? Your Sugar sisters can easily link you to a sugar daddy since a friend of their sugar daddy might need another sugar baby too. There are also instances they meet a sugar daddy they don’t like and they might recommend you.
  • Entertainment Places, Fine Dining Restaurants, and High-end Residential Areas. When a POT sugar daddy moves to a new area, he would most likely stay in a hotel and eat in fine restaurants. This also applies to rich people resident in the area. If you are always around these areas where rich people gather, there is a high chance of meeting a sugar daddy there. According to Elizabeth who was formerly a sugar baby, it was close to a Miami high-end park that she met her first ever sugar daddy when she was doing her morning exercises. You can search online for places rich people meet in your neighborhood and try to regularly visit those places.
  • Charity Events and Social Events. Sugar daddies are often invited to charity and social events due to their influence and for financial donations. Going to such events could position you to meet a very wealthy sugar daddy.
  • Enter industries where you can interact with HNWIs. You can try to work in places that many rich people visit daily. Examples of such places include investment banks, tourist resorts, luxury hotels, and high-end restaurants.

Tip: Rich people usually don't wear brands to claim how rich they are. Judging them from the outside is not a good idea. The best way to identify them is to talk to them and know about their education level, jobs, and industry.

Online Methods

This is the main part of the article, so read carefully. Even though you can still successfully get sugar daddies through the traditional methods, the most efficient method of finding sugar daddies is by utilizing online media. – SDM is a famous sugar daddy dating site which known for its high chance of getting a date. The website is limited to just straight sugar daddies and female sugar babies from the 20 wealthiest countries in the world only. It has over 2.5 million high quality members. The ratio of sugar daddy and sugar baby on it is 45%:55%, in other words, you are in a situation where there are one SB for each SD. No other website makes it this easy for sugar babies to find sugar daddies. – This website is reputed to be the largest site for sugar dating in the world. Unlike, does not have a lot of limitations. relationships such as sugar momma, gay sugar daddy, and sugar boys are all available. Furthermore, there is no limitation by country. Their service is free for sugar babies in college, thereby, making the number of sugar babies to be far more than the number of sugar daddies. Thus, the competition on this platform is high, but this is definitely good news for sugar daddy. – The most outstanding characteristic of the website is the idea. A sugar baby decides her price and places a bid on the site. Then Sugar daddy bid to win a date with her. Only the winning bidder has to pay the amount. The platform is effective for helping attractive women and wealthy men to meet each other.

Craigslist – Craigslist is one of the famous platforms where advertisement-like messages are posted with the intentions of finding a potential partner. The key to finding sugar daddies by using this site is that make sure your advertisement is positioned in the right category. You can post messages like "A university student, who is looking for a man who is honest and can offer me financial support"

OkCupid – This website does not provide special sugar dating services for users, but you can filter other users based on their salary. This will help you to judge whether a user is likely to be your sugar daddy. You should not directly post that you need a sugar daddy on the website. Uploading some sexy pictures and putting some hints on your profile.

Tip 1: The use of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or other social media website is not recommended for finding a sugar daddy. This is due to a lot of low-quality users and fake accounts. There is no mechanism for verification to help you confirm the users’ income and other information.

Tip 2: Traditional and online ways are both effective ways of finding a sugar daddy, you can do both at the same time

STEP 3: Ensugar your sugar baby profile is impressive

impressive sugar baby profile        Since the twenty-first century, online dating has increasingly become popular. The major advantage is that you don’t have to physically be in the places where the rich people gather. You only need a dating profile that is awesome and you will attract the attention of a lot of sugar daddies.

The first thing sugar daddies see when scrolling through profiles of sugar babies on dating sites is your avatar. Thus, you can make a very good first impression with your avatar by using your best photo. You could also add more nice pictures that emphasize your type of body as they would want to see more of your pictures once your avatar has attracted them. Don’t using the extreme close-up shots、pron and fake photos. Use recent pictures and try to smile. Smiles make you confident and attractive.

You should ensure to fill every detail required by the website you are registering on. The information includes body type, location, race, hair color, height, weight, and age among others. This is considering sugar daddies can use the filter feature to search. You should also remember to fill “about me” and “what I’m looking for” . Click here to learn How to Create an Impressive Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Profile (with Examples).

Tip: Pictures are the best content that you can use to advertise yourself. Your pictures will go a long way to determine if a sugar daddy will message you or not.

STEP 4: Let more sugar daddies discover you

let sugar daddy find you When you have an awesome sugar baby dating profile, people need to see it. The following is 5 effective methods to improve your profile's visibility.


  • Register on different sugar daddy dating sites. Each sugar daddy dating site has a pool of many sugar daddies. If you register with only one of them, you will lose the chance of being discovered by other site's potential sugar daddies. The more sugar dating sites you register with, the higher chance of you getting a date. By the way, it is free to sign up on most sugar daddy dating websites, so why not?

  • Maintain an active profile on the websites. Frequently logging into your account on the websites you have registered. The more actively you’re using a dating site, the more likely the site is to show you newer members or better matches.

  • High ranking of your profile in searches. There are websites such as that provide premium services. Considering that most people check only the first few result pages when they search, ranking high will make you appear in these few pages and get more attention. If this is the case, you can pay for a premium membership that will make you higher.

  • Change your location setting If your town is a small one with not too many sugar daddies around. You should use the big city closest to your town as your current location. You don’t have to see it as cheating, it is a strategy to make it possible to have better options.

  • Post messages. Posting messages on forums of sugar daddy sites will help you to make friends. This could include prospective sugar daddies and fellow sugar babies.

Tip: If you are not chanced to be logging into the platform regularly, you can install the platform’s application on your phone. That way, you can always monitor your account and quickly reply messages. >> Best Sugar Daddy Apps in 2019

STEP 5: Narrow down search results, find local sugar daddies

Based on statistics, 75 percent of sugar daddies prefer sugar babies that live close to where they are. Considering their busy schedules, they would not want to travel far or start spending extra money transporting their sugar baby down along with the time they will have to wait for her to arrive. Thus, the closer you are to a prospective sugar daddy, the better your chances. Perform advanced searches on sugar daddy sites,you can filter local sugar daddies out.

Tip: It will be best to relocate to big cities like Sydney, Toronto, London, Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, and other big cities if you live in a small city or a city without a lot of sugar daddies.

STEP 6:Begin interaction with POT sugar daddies

The number of ladies willing to become sugar babies is often more than sugar daddies. The implication is that just waiting to be contacted by a sugar daddy will significantly reduce your chances of getting an arrangement. Here are some tips on how to start interacting with POT sugar daddies shared by former sugar babies.

Grace – A lot of sugar daddy will suddenly disappear in some cases without any communication for some time. You don’t have to bother about it as they will contact you as soon as they need you. Use statements that will leave lasting impressions. Do not “intrigue” or “wink” them as this is a popular mistake among sugar babies. Look for topics by going through their profile and then say something like, "Wow, so you reside in New York? That is a place I hope to visit someday."

Jenny – If a sugar daddy asks why you want to be a sugar baby. You could truthfully answer him as they value honesty a lot. You don’t have to directly say its money so that you don’t give the impression that you are a prostitute.

Jennifer – I do not talk about payments with the potential sugar daddy at the beginning of our conversation. I try to study about him first, know how he is. This helps me to know his mindset, personality, income and his identity. This kind of background check has always fetched me higher offers.

Rose – Becoming a sugar baby does not require eloquent speaking. Potential sugar daddies want your primary data and they often directly ask the type of arrangement you prefer. This is in terms of expected allowance, how to send it, when to send it, meeting location and time, social appearances, foreign trips, sexual relations, use of condoms, length of the relationship, and how frequent you date among others. If you already have your expectations, it will be easier to list them out.

Tips: It could take some time before you find the right sugar daddy for you. As a newbie, you should be careful and patient as you might get a lot of scam messages or messages from salt/Splenda sugar daddies. Know what you want and maintain your stand.

You can click here to read How to Identify a Fake Sugar Daddy.

STEP 7: Arrange the first date when you are comfortable

the first date with a sugar daddy  After communicating online for some time, going on a first date is the time when the sugar relationship is sealed. It is important so that you can be sure the person you are seeing online is not different physically and also for chemistry testing. Normally, the sugar daddy will ask you to meet him at a coffee shop or a nice restaurant. You can directly observe him, albeit discreetly, during the meeting. The sugar relationship can then start officially if both of you love what you see.

You should also be careful to give a good first impression and to get his interest. Dress elegantly and wear a smile. You should be intelligent in your discussion and playful so that you can create chemistry and rapport with him. Be courteous and well-mannered to him and everybody around including the employees in the place you are meeting. Make sure that the dating location is a secured place so that you do not put yourself at risk. Click here to learn Tips on Having a Perfect First Date with a Sugar Daddy

Tip: You should not expect to get paid on your first date. There should also be no sex on the first date. It is more of an exercise, a very important one.


This highlights the entire process you would follow as a sugar baby to find a sugar daddy. The 7 simple steps include "prepare yourself", "choose the right method", "create your profile", "increase your range", "look for potential sugar daddies", "talk about the arrangement", "see each other for the first time". Following the process would make you not to be clueless.

It is worthy of note that getting an ideal sugar arrangement is not easy, and you will need to be able to have the relationship you are both happy with to be successful. As long as you use the right method, you will eventually find the right sugar daddy, best wish for you!


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