How to Be A Sugar Baby? (a Step by Step Guide)

how to be a good sugar baby Almost all sugar daddy dating sites claim that being a sugar baby is very easy. They always encourage girls to join sugar bowl as soon as possible. Some young girls, who are naïve are easily convinced by statements from this sites. They hurriedly join sugar bowl without any knowledge and preparedness, leading to many failing terribly in their quest. Honestly, most of the girls who fail are very beautiful. They are left asking themselves many questions, not knowing they were not prepared to be sugar babies in the first place.

For starter, a sugar bowl is a place full of interests and competition. It is mysterious and attractive and has many rules of operation that outsiders do not understand. It is therefore important to know their rules to avoid failing. In the same way, to become a sugar baby is not as easy as many imagine. A lot is needed from you such as luck, persistence, and personal branding. Now, be patient as we take you through step by step guide to becoming a sugar baby.

Step.1 Find Out Where Your Advantages Lie

Women with proud statures and angel faces are what most men want, which is something not all sugar babies have. Fortunately, sugar daddies have different taste and preferences in girls meaning that any girl has a chance to become a sugar baby. Therefore, the first step to being a sugar baby is knowing yourself-what are your strengths? Why should a sugar daddy choose you? Are you that beautiful girl south of town? Are you still a college student? Or are you that Asian girl with yellow skin? These and many other factors should help distinguish you from the rest of the girls and give you an advantage. The next step is finding out what type of sugar baby you are and the type of sugar daddies you are likely to attract. According to Sugar Daddy Meet, 45% of sugar daddy prefer female college students as their sugar baby. So, if you're still in college, you'll get more attention! therefore, find your strengths and remain confident all the time.

Step2:Understand the Sugar Bowl, Including Rules and Basic Knowledge

How to be a sugar babyMost girls join the sugar bowl having the impression that they will get endless pocket money, go to fancy restaurants for dinner, buy expensive cosmetics and clothing, travel around the world, and never worry about student loans! OK, let's wait... If you think so, it seems like you know nothing about sugar bowl, and you are not seriously prepared for it. You should first learn some basic knowledge and rules about the sugar bowl before joining because, to defeat an opponent, you must know his ways, right? Fortunately, it's not difficult to understand the sugar bowl. You just need to visit our website. We have prepared a lot of articles for novices. Remember that our address is

Step3:What You Need

  • Money and time. Before you become a sugar baby and get your first allowance, you will need to spend your own money to maintain your basic life and also look good to attract potential sugar daddies. Go shop for trendy clothes, find the best cosmetics and don’t forget to visit the gym. Also, for you to get quick, high-quality matches and get sugar arrangement, you need to pay for the golden member services. It is advisable to find a part-time job to maintain this status before finding a sugar arrangement. According to our experience, it takes two to three months for a novice to get a stable sugar arrangement.

  • Photos and profiles. Potential sugar daddies in this site no nothing about you except for the profile photo and resume you indicate in your account. Most of them just browse through the site and only stop when they find a picture that attracts the eye. Therefore, you need to upload good photos of yourself (the more, the better). Pick the best out the best to become your profile photo. An attractive profile picture will make a potential sugar daddy find time to read through your profile to know you better. A nice way to stand out right? So, start taking those awesome photos!

  • Learn some communication skills and basic etiquette. Most sugar daddies are mature men with rich life experience. Usually, they like to play a leading role in dating, so when you date a sugar daddy, you need to learn some basic etiquette and a proper way to communicate with them. Etiquette will help you not feel embarrassed when he takes you out to upper-class social places like restaurants. Gain confidence to talk to him politely and call him your boyfriend at these social places, and he will surely treat you like a queen.

  • Improve your image. Always be the best version of you. Your makeup and dressing should be top class and visit the gym regularly to maintain your shape. Doing makeup and dressing styles can be found through internet tutorials. Remember, most are attracted by what they see.

Step 4:Choose A Sugar Baby Dating Site That Suits You.

For beginners, finding rich men to be your sugar daddy can be difficult. Therefore, you should start looking for them on online dating sites. When your fame starts rising you will get connections to wealthy guys; you will need to ditch this boring dating sites and advance to other sugar daddy dating sites. Note that joining free daddy dating sites or social networking sites to find potential sugar may not be a wise move. These sites are full of cheaters and bored people, and you will end up gaining nothing and losing lots of time.

How then, do you choose a suitable sugar daddy dating site?

There are over 50 sugar daddy websites which differ in pricing, number of users, and the status of users. We recommend you to try out and or of top 10 sugar daddy dating sites).

Step 5 Set Your Sugar Baby Rules

How to be a sugar babyWe have seen a lot of sugar babies who have failed in the past. They start on a good note but along the way they fail because they do not stick to their principles. For these lessons, we strongly recommend that learners set some rules for themselves before starting their careers and never break them no matter how attractive the sugar daddy is or how price-attractive the sugar arrangement is.

The following is a list of questions that will guide in setting your rules and principles:

  • Do you want to keep your real identity private?
  • Do you want to know your sugar daddy’s real name?
  • Do you plan to have sex with a sugar daddy?
  • Do you wear condoms every time you have sex?
  • Do you plan on getting insight into your sugar daddy’s life and family?
  • Would you consider marrying a sugar daddy?
  • Also, you can make your own rules according to your actual situation. Remember, never to cross borders!

Step.6 Outline A Specific Sugar Agreement.

After joining a sugar dating site, you will most likely receive a lot of application from POT. Make sure your needs and those of POT match before making a specific sugar agreement. The more precise the agreement, the easier it will be for both of you to know what your obligations are. Consider the following:

  • How to pay the allowance? Cash or transfer?
  • By appointment or monthly allowance?
  • What's the exact price?
  • When to receive payment/gift?
  • When and where do you usually meet?
  • Is it necessary to appear in public together?
  • Do you need to go abroad?
  • Do sexual relationships occur and do you need a condom?
  • How long will the relationship last?
  • How often do you date?
  • Can you accept other sugar daddy arrangements at the same time?

Step.7 Careful Preparation for The First Date

After you and your POT reach an oral agreement, the first meeting will be set. The first date is very essential as it test chemistry between you and your sugar daddy. It will determine whether your sugar daddy will like you and start fulfilling the agreement you just reached with POT. So, prepare carefully and try to make a good first impression. I know most sugar babies would not accept some old sugar daddy. Therefore, the first date is like the last chance you have been given to determine whether you want to establish a sugar relationship with your partner. If everything goes well, congratulations, you have become a sugar baby!


OK, these are the seven main steps about how to be a sugar baby. We may not have elaborated them in detail, but we will surely do that in future blogs. For a sugar baby who is completely unfamiliar with sugar bowl, there you have it. At least you know where to start. Now let's start taking risks, shall we?


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