10 Important Things for New Sugar Babies

1. Unless you're blessed with the body and figure that make most men fall for, you'd better take an initiative to seek your sugar daddy. According to statistics from Millionaire Match(The world's largest millionaire & sugar daddy dating website ): only 1 in 4 girls can get a sugar daddy's invitation.

2. Don't assume that everything will be ok once you have an arrangement. You need to put more energy into dressing up, buying high-quality perfume and sexy clothes, and continue working out constantly to keep your good figure. This is to let the sugar daddy know that he can get better return if he spends more money.

3. Before you receive an arrangement, you must reach a deal with the sugar daddy over the rules. You should know what kind of company does the sugar daddy want. Don't feel embarrassed. This is a fair trade. You can be as detailed as the times of meeting up per month, the proper payment you deserve, the approximate location of the dates, with or without sex, wearing condom or not, as well as what special requirements are there. You should not make a decision until you're sure that you can accept all the conditions.

4. Don't inquire about sugar daddies' private affairs, including their work, business and family. Sometimes you even do not have to know about a sugar daddy's real name. You should know that the sugar daddy are usually careful about their privacy protection, so they are not willing to reveal too much of their private lives. They spend money to get your service. If you're curious with everything about him, it only gets his antipathy and you may lose your sugar daddy. Remember, ask as little as you can, unless he tells you himself.

5. Don't be greedy. Some girls' eyes grow round with delight at the sight of money. They never think in the shoes of the sugar daddy. They just think they deserve more money for sacrificing their body and time. Based on experience of most successful sugar baby, the money they get is often more than they ask for at first. But the premise is that you won't let your sugar daddy feel bad about you. You should know that the rich can have many women. If they don't like you any more, they can find another girl anytime, but you could get nothing. So, the amount of money you make is related with the service you provide, instead of the offer you ask for at first.

6. Keep learning and have a plan for your future--this is a warning from many babies. As a profession, a sugar baby relies on her youth and physical appearance that she'll lose sooner or later. So keep studying and improving while you still own them. A lot of baby develop into lazy habits for the present cozy life and rely on sugar daddy for everything. Once they lose the support of sugar daddy, they'll find themselves know nothing and could do nothing for a living.

7. First date is of paramount importance. First impression is important whether you get your sugar daddy from a sugar daddy website or in other ways. That's because unless seeing you in person, sugar daddy will not easily decide whether give you allowance or not. So when you first date with a sugar daddy, you must dress up yourself carefully. But don't show yourself too much. Have your sugar daddy be the lead. Let him arrange your later dates and try to behave in obedience under the circumstances that are not contrary to your wishes.

8. Fill out your information on the sugar daddy website carefully and make it clear what you can accept and can't. This can avoid you from wasting time on people who will not be your sugar daddy and at the same time make the sugar daddy think you are a reliable and professional sugar baby that he is willing to know more about. In addition, don't be limited to one sugar daddy website. You can sign up on several sugar daddy websites at the same time.

9. Take heart. Don’t make it all about money. The sugar daddy has the money, and the sugar baby has the sugar. Both have what they know the other person wants. Money may be part of the equation, but it’s not a bargaining chip. The relationship is about willfully fulfilling each other’s needs with something you can easily give. If you mention nothing about your heart and emotion, the relationship based on money will be very vulnerable. So if you want to get stable long-term allowance from the sugar daddy, you must be honest and emotional.


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